(4) The Development of the first Set of Specifications needed for Procurement

activities of the Network Operators from Q2 1987 to the End of 1988

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For the development of the specifications all groups were opened for the participation of delegates of manufacturers within the delegations of the network operators in order to allow their competence to flow into the specification work. The number of groups and the work intensity grew substantially.

When the GSM MoU was signed, operators committed themselves to roll-out the GSM infrastructure starting in 1991. Consequently, operators had to prepare the documents to launch procurement of infrastructure. The same set of stable specifications was required for all operators to ensure network interoperability and the multivendor environment. GSM Plenary and the GSM MoU selected from the GSM Action Plan a sub-set of the Recommendations necessary for equipment development and procurement (GSM 31/88, 233/88). GSM made all efforts and managed to complete them sufficiently for a procurement activity carried out in Q2 and Q3 1988. In autumn 10 contracts were signed and the point of no return for GSM was passed.

TC GSM started to discuss issues related to IPR matters in regard of the emerging standard. But after some time this work was transferred to the GSM MoU Group. It found there a temporary solution, which formed the basis of the later ETSI IPR Policy finalized in 1994.

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