(6) Start of GSM Phase 2 and inclusion of UMTS from 1990 to Q3 1991

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After the completion of phase 1 the work had to continue, since there were still imperfections and errors in the Phase 1 specifications. In addition new specifications were needed for supplementary services and non-voice services. For this a Phase 2 was envisaged. But it was also realized that the evolution would continue. Hence central components of Phase 2 were the prerequisites for the future evolution (‘hooks’ in GSM-jargon).

In the framework of ITU and in ETSI discussions had started about a ‘Third Generation’ mobile system (or ‘UMTS’). ETSI decided that TC GSM would have the best competence to treat this matter and extended the mandate of TC GSM by UMTS. Hence GSM#32 in autumn 1991 was the last GSM meeting. The TC was renamed SMG and had its first meeting in January 1992


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