GSM Plenary Meeting Reports

In the year 2001, all available GSM Plenary reports were collected for the CD which was attached to the book ‘GSM and UMTS, the creation of Global Mobile Communication’. This collection was made available to ETSI for the DVD ‘GSM and SMG archives 1983 to 2000’. These collections contained reports from all GSM Plenary meetings. But several were incomplete and many were the draft (not approved) versions.

In 2009 F. Hillebrand and Th. Beijer undertook an effort to restore the complete archive of the GSM Plenary documents from 1982 to 1991. Missing documents were retrieved from the heritage of Dr. Spindler and the Swedish State’s Archive where Th. Beijer had left his file as GSM Secretary in 1991. It was possible to restore the GSM Plenary archive. This collection was contributed to ETSI in November 2009. Here is as an extract the first publicly available collection of all complete and approved GSM Plenary reports

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