Key GSM Documents

  • Proposal for the harmonization of a Pan-European mobile system and the creation of the group GSM endorsed by CEPT in June 1982 (GSM 1/82)
  • First GSM action plan (contains GSM mandate and targets) (GSM 2/82)
  • Netherland’s proposal: Public Mobile Communications System in the 900 MHz Band (GSM 3/82)
  • Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden: Support for NL proposal (GSM 4/82)
  • The need for encryption in GSM (GSM 29/83)
  • Franco-German cooperation in the field of mobile radio communication (GSM 76/84)
  • Preliminary view concerning the impact of hand-held stations (GSM 27/85 rev.3)
  • Services and facilities of the GSM system (GSM 28/85 rev.2)
  • Basic requirements for a harmonized mobile communication system (GSM 73/85 rev. 1)
  • First GSM action plan GSM 23/86
  • Package of Narrow-Band TDMA Working Assumptions unanimously agreed (GSM 41/87)
  • The Madeira decision on the basic parameters of the GSM (GSM 46/87)
  • The final agreement on the basic parameters of GSM in Bonn (GSM 68/87)
  • First Set of Specifications for Tendering (GSM 31/88)
  • Proposal for the Hagen Seminar in 1988 where the GSM specs were presented to a wide audience (GSM 120/88)
  • First set of specs for tendering in 1988: Designation “A” means that the GSM Plenary considered that the Recommendation was necessary for tendering.  Designation “T” demonstrates that the GSM MoU considered the Recommendation necessary for tendering (the so-called T-List). (GSM 223/88)
  • Phase 1 specifications: Release List after GSM#29 (January 1991) (GSM 160/91)
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