SMS Development and Standardisation Milestones



Mid 1984 to Feb. 1985

Development of the SMS service concept and contribution to GSM work by Franco German cooperation

Feb. 1985 to End 1986

Standardization of the SMS point-to-point service concept in GSM WP1

Mid 1987 to end 1990

Technical design of SMS point-to-point including support  on the radio interface and in the network (in GSM WP4 DGMH)

End 1990 to 1996

Technical improvements to SMS person-to-person: e.g. multiple service centers, delivery reports, SMS character sets, SIM management by SMS, concatenated SMS (in GSM/SMG4 DGMH)

1997 - 2005

Technical evolution of SMS features: e.g. SIM toolkit data download, Enhanced Messaging Service, voice mail management, routers, language tables (in SMG/3GPP)

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