GSM Milestones


CEPT allocates 900 MHz spectrum for the use by a Pan-European mobile communication system and forms the "Groupe Spécial Mobil" (GSM), Chairman: Thomas Haug

1982 – 1984

Agreement on strategic targets in GSM

1985 – 1987

Agreement on principles for services, network architecture, radio and speech coding in GSM


Trials of different digital radio transmission schemes and different speech codecs in several countries, comparative evaluation by GSM

1987 (February)

CEPT GSM#13 meeting in Madeira: agreement on the basic parameters of the GSM system. Finalisation in May 87 in Bonn

1988 (I Quarter)

Completion of first set of GSM specifications for infrastructure tendering purposes

1988 (October)

Public presentation of the first set of GSM specifications at a conference in Hagen (Germany): 600 participants from Europe, USA and Japan, copies of specs on sale


Standardisation work transferred from CEPT to ETSI. CEPT GSM becomes ETSI Technical Committee GSM (TC GSM)


GSM Phase 1 Specifications frozen in ETSI TC GSM

1991 (October)

ETSI TC GSM put in charge of UMTS specification activities in addition to the GSM work and renamed " TC SMG" (=Special Mobile Group).

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